I’m a wife, the mama of two happy kids, and a photographer. I was raised in Northwest Montana and photography became a hobby of mine while attending college in Bozeman. While in school, I started taking landscape and wildlife photos. I enjoyed capturing the beauty of the natural landscape and Montana was the perfect place to practice my new  found craft.


However, fate took me to the Southeast after meeting my husband. The Southeast is a beautiful place, but it did not compare with the landscapes and the wildlife I had grown accustomed to out West. I was busy as a new wife with a home to remodel and decorate while working a full time corporate job, leaving me little time for my photography passion. My camera only found its way out of the bag during various social gatherings with friends and family, vacations, the occassional hike, or sporting event.

Fast forward five years later to the birth of my first child and the big move to California. I pulled the camera out and I haven’t been able to put it down since. I began to remember the enjoyment I felt after capturing the “one great shot”. However, my interest in landscapes and wildlife changed. I began to realize the importance of capturing the beautiful fleeting moments that make up our everyday life as a family. I became passionate about seizing every opportunity to capture the moment. I love knowing, that through photography, I have preserved these memories for ourselves and to share with others in the years to come.

After the birth my second child, my focus on photography shifted to children and families. I have been fortunate enough to share these moments with other families as their photographer. I find tremendous enjoyment in meeting new families and capturing the sweet, candid moments each of them share. Children are such a joy, and I love being behind the lens to catch their silly personalities, innocence, and curiosity as they begin to explore and experience the world around them with their families at their side. It is a privilege to know that I am able to forever capture interactions within families as they relate to one another and experience the unique bond each family shares.

In the spring of 2018 we were presented with a unique opportunity to move to Juneau Alaska. Alaska was always a dream of ours and we are completely in love. Juneau is a very adventurous, busy, and fun town. I’m looking forward to continue building my family photography business here and capture more moments in gorgeous Alaska.

I hope you find my photographs as beautiful as the moments that made them.


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