Mammoth Lakes, CA July 2011

Looking back at our early days as new parents having moved to a new state with a new job there are many things I would have done differently (sleep training, but I wont go there on this post) then there were several things I feel like we really nailed!

Let me start by saying growing up in a small town 4th of July was always the biggest event of the summer and something we always looked for toward to. However, since we had just moved to town less than 2 months prior we weren’t too concerned with major 4th of July plans. But then, my husband had a friend whose parents owed a condo in Mammoth Lakes… she offered it up to us over the July 4th holiday. Not knowing anything about Mammoth, other than there is a very popular ski resort there we decided to go, and I’m so glad we did! I remember looking up the drive and it was only 6 hours from San Jose…sounded close considering we had just driven across the country!


Man, am I glad we didn’t think 6 hours was too far! It was one of those trips that could have only happened at that moment in time. Our friends condo was awesome and super close to the cute downtown and close to the ski resort. Mammoth famously stays open for skiing until July 4th. So Frank brought his skis and we dropped him off first thing in the morning. I had the baby and dogs and we planned on meeting him at the top for lunch.


I wish I had some grand adventure I did while Frank skied in the morning to tell you about. But the fact of the matter is I probably dropped him off, went back to the condo, showered, fed Josie, walked the dogs and then it was time to go meet him for lunch. That was what our mornings looked with a 6 month old.




Josie’s first gondola ride!



View from the top. People were skiing/snowboarding in their bikinis, mountain biking, hiking, sightseeing. It was crazy busy and honestly the first I had been on top of a ski hill in probably 15 plus years!


I mean these girls are bad a** aren’t they!?!


Frank finished out the day skiing and we watched fireworks in the village that night and the 4th of July parade the following day. On the way back we drove thru Yosemite, but didn’t do much hiking or adventuring other than a few road side stops. It was a quick trip but like I said, one that couldn’t have been duplicated and we made some memories to last a life time. The biggest take away from this trip, is to just go. Whenever you get the chance and especially if you are offered a free condo, go!


Josie’s first trip to Yosemite! More on Yosemite later, but had to document her time there at 6 months old!





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