Starting in the Middle

For years now starting a blog has been on my mind. I don’t consider myself a great world traveler with tons of experiences, but as it turns out, life has kind of unfolded in a way where I’m often asked for advice on places I’ve been or experiences we’ve had. So I guess that is my mission in starting this blog is to share what I’ve learned about life, love, travel, raising children, starting your own business, and anything else along the way.

I’ve taken over a million photographs of our families adventures and explored hundreds of miles from coast to coast. So starting this blog now is going to be a bit of a flip flop of our past and places we’ve been and our current life experiences. I very much like things in chronological order so this will be a bit challenging for me to go back and forth but I will do my best to share our experiences and things I learned along the way.


(Our daughters first Easter in Tennessee a month before moving to California for my husbands new job. Career change, new baby, and moving from Tennessee to California all with a few months- we like to pile on as many life changes as possible at once!)

While moving is statically the third most stressful time in ones life, behind death of a spouse and divorce. I have found moving to be exhilarating and fun. Don’t get me wrong, packing can be stressful, selling a home and buying a new home are no fun at all, even though I was a real estate agent for a couple years while living in Tennessee. I now want nothing to do with the selling or buying of homes anymore. That said, I have also found that moving can really help strengthen a marriage. You get a chance to experience new places together and have to rely on each especially if you are moving to a new town not knowing anyone. While I’m not going to bore you with the many details of our move to California, we did stop at a few points of interest along the way.


Our first night on the road was spend in Memphis. While I had already toured Graceland twice we only stopped by for a quick photo on our way out of town.¬†Graceland is spectacular. In college I got stuck overnight in Memphis, on my way back from visiting my cousin in Destin, FL. I got to spend a day walking around Beale street, eating barbecue, listening to blues music and of course learning more about Elvis. While I was there I asked a shop owner for a good book and she recommended “Elvis and Me” by Pricilla Presley.


You can buy it here on Amazon:

It was so cool reading about Elvis and their life from such an intimate place. Elvis was an extraordinarily person and lived a fascinating life. Ok, before spending too much time on Elvis if you ever find yourself in Memphis I would suggest checking out Graceland. Do allow a whole day for the excursion.

The drive to California was not a sightseeing tour across the US. We had a strict timeline to adhere to, but we did take a day off and visit the Grand Canyon. I had wanted so badly to take a hike, but time, weather, baby, and 3 dogs didn’t really allow for that. I plan on visiting the Grand Canyon again when the kids are older.



We drove around the rim and did a few of the main touristy things there, but there is still so much more I want to explore…in due time…

When we finally arrived in California we had no place to live right away. We thought we had locked down a rental house from a craigslist ad but once we got into town the guy never called us back so we stayed a the Howard Johnson Inn downtown San Jose. Places to stay were in short supply when you have three dogs, tuns out San Jose has a city limit restriction of only two dogs. Information that could have been helpful a little but sooner. Anyway, we were only at the Ho Jo inn for a few nights before finding a nice Apartment in the upscale neighborhood of Willow Glen, California. And from there begins our 7 year long California Adventure!


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