About Us

I grew up in Northwest Montana where I spent my childhood and teenage years playing in the mountains and swimming in Flathead Lake. This is where my deep appreciation for nature, wildlife conservation, and love of photography began.

After meeting my husband,  I moved to Chattanooga Tennessee where I completed my bachelors. After graduation, I pursued a career in the corporate world. A few years later we welcomed our first child which coincided with a career change for my husband, which moved us to the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, my corporate days were over, (Thank God) and I started to pick up my camera again. I became obsessed with photographing the daily growth and milestones of our daughter. Through this process I once again was reminded of my passion for photography.

After our second child was born, I slowly began to build my own photography business. For five years I specialized in annual family sessions and portraits. One the greatest joys is working with the families and capturing the sweet, candid moments they shared during these sessions. It has been a privilege to forever capture these families’ interactions through my lens and see the joy in their faces when they view the final product. 

A few years ago, an opportunity came up for us to move to Juneau. Alaska was always a dream of ours to visit one day, so we decided to move here instead! We viewed the move as a challenge with new and exciting opportunities, which carried over into my photography. In addition to family portraits, I began to expand into landscape and wildlife photography. I have developed a great love and respect for the Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear and extreme landscapes of the Southeast. 

With this, I feel incredibly lucky to call Juneau home, as it affords me the opportunity to continue my family photography business and grow as a wildlife and landscape photographer in this unique and beautiful place.